• Flying seashells

Flying seashells

Beginning with sounds of planets and comets, and ending on the need of mankind of making cultural connections in an illusionary attempt to control our habitat, the narration wanders over collective narratives, individual story-telling and identity building.
The invitation to participate at the launch of a radio gave me the opportunity to develop a narration presenting different views that we Westerns have in our tradition. Being different, all our traditions have as common point manner by which the so called „animal kingdom” has been contemplated. Putting side by side scholars readings and personal thoughts, the narration is accompanied by a sound composition, five songs and two audio pieces.

Please contact me if you wish to listen to the entire work.

Audio work | 1 hour
With the contribution of Yan Gi Cheng and Zoe Darling
A radio project initiated by Simone Etter and Rotem Gerstel
Cité Internationale des Arts