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Les oiseaux sont libres d'aller où ils veulent. Pourtant, ils volent presque tous en groupe.

„Birds are free to go wherever they feel like. However, almost all of them fly in groups.“ When I came across this affirmation, its distorted logic stroke me. The first sentence states that the birds are free to go wherever they want, and this affirmation is already assuming a freedom for a species that might not even have another way of living, and we’re not sure ourselves what freedom is. The second sentence is event more problematic, as is derives from the first one that, despite being free, birds fly in groups, as if this was the sign that they are not capable to profit from their freedom because of their group movement.
In this lecture-performance, I base my presentation on this example to deconstruct the assertive manner by which human species watch and interpret the world.

Lecture performance
Developed upon an invitation of Matière Revue
Presented at Index January 25th 2018
Les Grands Voisins June 25th 2017